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Tree Agate Meaning: Rising Strong


Deeply connected to Mother Earth, Tree Agate carries the vibration of all living things. Encompassing the healing power of nature, it inspires an optimistic mindset and deepens gratitude for the abundance of our life-giving planet. Teaching forgiveness and understanding, it encourages you to embrace change and grow to new heights.


Grounding your roots into solid ground, Tree Agate instills resilience and an un-shakable attitude to persevere through any challenge. Guarding against the toxicity and drama of others, it provides psychic protection from the people and situations that are depleting your energy. A talisman for those with a green thumb, this earthly stone calls upon the wisdom of woodland spirits and garden fairies.


Tree Agate cleanses the body and mind, just as the leaves of a great oak tree purifies the air we breathe. Cultivating the peace of an ancient forest, it restores a centre of quietness within where inner calm prevails. Reestablishing emotional balance, it releases feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, and distress.

TREE AGATE // Healing Stone

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