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Coffee shop by day, yoga + meditation studio by evening

Coffee shop by day, yoga + meditation studio by evening -- with wellness events + workshops on the weekends -- KARMA is the local community hub for Wilmington, Greenville, Hockessin, and surrounding areas. A meeting point and curated space for the person that wants to be the best version of themselves. The word 'karma' means 'action', and we believe the actions that each one of us takes creates a ripple effect on everyone + everything surrounding us. The sum of our actions impacts our internal and external world, and by creating good karma through consistent accumulation of connection to ourselves, our community, our neighbors -- we believe we will live a more fulfilled + joyful life than if we neglected the self and disconnected from those around us. KARMA was designed to become //your third place and we look forward to having you.

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the kaffé 

Enjoy your favorite drip coffee, espresso based beverage, matcha, loose leaf tea, fresh smoothies, mushroom coffee, kombucha, and more! We have pastries, bagels + spreads, breakfast sandwiches, gourmet toasts, charcuterie and hummus boards to enjoy.


the wellness

During the week we offer yoga classes in the evening featuring slow flow, yin, and meditation. On the weekends our calendar is filled with wellness + holistic focused workshops and events. 


the shop

Our curated retail is offered in store + online, with nontoxic self care products as well as handmade, locally made items for your home. Discover your new go-to skincare items while also picking up a gift or two for someone you love.


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Monday-Friday 6am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 2pm

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